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Besides the change in weather and an excuse to purchase a new pair of boots, one of my favorite parts of the fall season is the start of holiday cooking. I love nothing more than getting together with friends and baking up a storm. Recently though I’ve noticed that every magazine and recipe blog I read features nothing put pumpkin filled treats and I want something more! So, I did a bit of digging and found some fabulous and easy fall dessert recipes that have nothing at all to do with pumpkin. Below are a few of my favorite recipes for fall desserts with a bit more of variety ingredients. Check them out!

Autumn Brittle: I love this recipe because it’s not only easy, but this brittle makes for a great hostess gift and is easy to carry and transfer. If you decide to give this as a gift, it would look great in a festive fall tin or even in clear baggies tied with a nice velvet ribbon or twine. (Click here for recipe)

Chocolate Orange Torte (gluten free): As I mentioned before, we're suckers for dark chocolate mixed with orange.  This recipe is so easy and will last a few nights as it's also rich that you don't need a lot to get your filling.  Try baking with almond flour this fall, you'll be delighted at the richness and  you won't miss the wheat! (Click here for the recipe)

Bourbon Sweet Potato Cupcakes: I was a sucker for this recipe because I just couldn’t resist the combination of cupcakes and bourbon! Not to mention the vanilla frosting glaze…to die for. (Click here for recipe)

Chocolate Pretzel Caramel Apples: I found this to be a really fun recipe to do with the kids! Who doesn't love taking a nutritious apple and covering it in decadent chocolate and caramel? (Click here for recipe)

Pecan Pie Bars: Every Thanksgiving my mother makes a killer pecan pie and I just drool each time she takes it out of the oven. Not having quite her expertise in the kitchen (I tend to set more things on fire than I actually serve) I thought this was a nice and easy alternative to my mother’s pecan pie I just can’t seem to replicate. (Click here for recipe)

60 Minute Caramel Apple Sticky Buns: I absolutely love this recipe. Homemade sticky buns are one of my favorite things and the fact that you can whip these up in just an hour makes them even more irresistible. (Click here for recipe)


Happy baking! 


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