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When I think of a farmhouse, I generally think rustic and country.  I’m not sure why this Hamptons house is considered a farmhouse (unless, of course, there is a farm surrounding it).  Whatever it is, it’s amazing!  Architect Bruce Nagel designed it.  He’s a big time architect in New York, but works mainly in the Hamptons…and has won many awards and credibility for his work.

Look at this gorgeous wood slab for the dining table…I really love it.  It's similar to the table that we showed when we opened our new showroom 3 years ago.  

I love the simplicity of the rooms.  They’re all so clean and modern.

Can you imagine having this kitchen to cook and eat in?  Although, to me it looks like they must order out a lot.

And all the white!  Don’t you love all of the sparse rooms?

This house must be a vacation home for the family.  How can they really not have that much stuff?

I would love to get ready every morning in this master bath.  With the openness, the gorgeous views out the window…and that tub!

Just two cute chaises for watching TV.  I really like this comfy room.

What do you think of this modern farmhouse?  Do you prefer a traditional one…or this updated version?  If I won the lottery or if this house were just being handed out for free, yes, I would definitely live there!



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Barbara Rasmussen


Observation:  In the second photo (the beautiful dining room), the opening in the dining room chairs is above the level of the table.  In the next photo (the living room with dining room in the foreground)the opening in the chairs is below the level of the table.  The chair design is the same - so how did they do this or are my eyes wrong?

Also amazing are the apparent ceiling domes.  The kitchen appears to have a giant dome and in the next photo there appears to be a domed skylight over the den couch. 

A very amazing building but I feel like my soul would be bared and there would be no place to hide.  But it would be a grand experiment to live in white with no stuff.

Sage Bowman


You’re right, Barbara!  Those angles do create an interesting observation.  I’m sure that it’s really just camera tricks.  In the photo taken in the dining room, the camera is much higher than the table, so it probably appears as if the opening in the chairs is higher than the table.  I am guessing that the reality of the chairs is the view of the table taken from the living room.  Thank you for your observation…I would have never noticed that!  And thank you for posting a comment here.

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