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Clients seem to constantly remark at how frequently we rearrange our showroom.  From small adjustments to full force furniture moves, Nantucket Home is in a constant state of change, which personally I love!  I have found that some items can take on completely different personality depending on the space they are place in.  In our most recent showroom change, we moved our Ledger Art, and this simple relocation gave me the moment I needed to refresh my appreciation for this collection.

A little bit about its history: Ledger Art is a term that was created in the early 1800s, when narrative drawings were produced on old accounting ledgers by simply tearing apart outdated books and painting directly onto the scripted sheets.  This collection of Ledger Art was created by the Mennonites of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania during the depression of the 1930s.  Although these watercolors were painted in the 1930s, many of the used ledgers date back to as early as 1812!

These are high quality, limited edition prints that come with coordinating mat and frame, and are available in a range of sizes.  This collection depicting solo farm and domestic animals, realistic as well as strange and fanciful birds.

We’ve had the Ledger Art for a few months but their playfulness and bright colors always make me smile.  I think these would be really fun marching across the wall of a child’s bedroom or craft area; perhaps they would even inspire a little creativity!

Or perhaps a wise owl hanging in your office?

We may never know if the lush script on the ledger was part of a planned aesthetic background, or if the artists were simply using what they had available to them and satisfying a creative need that the ledger enhanced – whatever the reason, how fortunate we are to witness it.

Sarah Leigh

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Jennifer Balest


Thank you for this great article!!!



are these prints or originals?  if prints…how many made?  what is the size of the horse?

Sarah McDaniel


Anita, they are high quality prints.  The green horse is available in three sizes: small (17.25 x 14.5), medium (37.25 x 25.25), and large (37 x 59).  There are many other prints not pictured in this article, including another horse in pink.

What other questions may I answer for you?

janis fulton


Where can I buy a series of the Mennonite Ledger prints?

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


Thanks Janis.  Please check your email as we’ve responded to your question today.
Take care!

wendy carroll


What is the price of the green horse mennonite ledger drawing, medium size? Shipping is to 37934.

Linda Stone


Do you still have any of the Mennonite prints? Will you please send me prices?

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