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17 Oct 2011
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No, I'm not on commission.  I just get up way too early twice a year to assist with KCHO's fund drive. 

If you love public radio, if it gives you the news and entertainment that makes your day as it does mine please pick up the phone tomorrow from 6am to 9am and call 1.800.234.5246.  Or you can support online by clicking here (scroll down the page until you see the red sticker).

Please do your part in keeping our airways commercial free with great zest to enrich our lives and our community. 

Speaking of community, I'll be sharing the microphone with Alexa Benson-Valanavis the Queen of community from the North Valley Community Foundation aka Annie B's. Come to think of it I think I'll call her 'Queen B'.

Here we are discussing how we can wake up your wallets tomorrow at 6am.


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Christmas photo books


I enjoyed looking and reading your blog.  A very interesting one!

carmen Rios-Ramirez


Rick…Thanks for welcoming me to Chico. The store is lovely and I loved walking around and checking it out! Hugs…Jessica"s Mom…Carmen

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