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It’s that time to start transitioning from summer to fall and with the change in the weather, comes the season for fall weddings. All brides have their own personal style and taste; there is the classic bride, the romantic bride, the glam bride and even the eccentric bride. No matter which bride you are, there are always trends to look at when planning your big day. Here are some of my favorite wedding trends for the fall 2014 season. 

Metallics:  Who doesn't love a little bit of shine? Add just a bit of glitter to your wedding with hints of metallic gold and bronze with just a bit of sparkle. Metallic invitations, table settings, cake details, and even bridesmaids dresses are giving fall weddings something to glimmer about. You don’t have to overdo it, just a bit here and there will make the day shine. 

Family style: A trend for receptions this fall is family style dining. Let your guests get to know each other more intimately over dinner by passing plates around. Not everyone likes getting up for a buffet-style meal and venues can mix-up who ordered chicken, who ordered fish and who ordered a special vegan meal which can leave a guest upset and hungry. With family style, everyone stays in their seats but still gets to choose what they want to eat. It’s also a great way to get guests of the groom and guests of the bride talking.

#Hashtags: This day in age everyone is documenting weddings with their phones and posting the photos on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Create a personal hashtag for the big day so later you can go back and see the different moments everyone captured! 

Mismatched Maids: Having been a bridesmaid before, I know the stress that comes with getting a group of gals to decide on one don’t! Pick a color-scheme, fabric, and preferred length and let your girls pick their own dresses. Your bridesmaids have different personalities and body types so allow everyone be comfortable and have fun with it. It also looks great when you take a group photo!

Lace Sleeves: A trend for dresses this fall is one I have a particular liking towards. Lace can come across and matronly and dated, but when done the right way it can look fabulous. Lace sleeves, long and short, are being seen as perfect fall attire this season. 

Color-combos:  Pantones color of 2014 is staying all the way into the fall months. Orchid is the color of this year’s wedding colors as well. It can be done bright or toned down into an almost plum color for more of a warm fall feeling. The color scheme can be matched with deep navies, elegant grays, and even warm burgundies. 

No matter what trends you follow, make your wedding day a day to remember and personalize it as much as possible! Take a look at our Fall Wedding Trends Pinterest board for more inspiration!


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