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There was a time when "Do It Yourself" (DIY) projects used to instill fear in even the most avid "crafter" – requiring daunting qualifications like construction degrees or the skills needed to wield dangerous household weapons (such as flame throwers or chainsaws). Over the past few years, however, things have changed. Now it seems that many DIY projects can typically be completed in a few hours (or less) on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while sipping iced tea and using a hot glue gun. (And believe me, those of us with fears of flame throwers and chainsaws – we thank you!)

Many people are looking to these simpler (oftentimes inexpensive) DIY projects to add unique, upcycled pieces of art, furniture, or decor to their home, or even help plan a beautiful & inexpensive customized wedding. Another perk of DIY projects (aside from the immense sense of satisfaction you feel once they are completed) is that, in recent years, there has been an increased push towards using repurposeable materials (such as wine bottles, old pallet boards & scraps of fabric) – much to the gratitude of Mother Earth.

While I am sure those extreme, month-long DIY projects (like constructing a tree house equipped with upholstered bunk beds, running water & electricity) still exist for the hearty craftsman (like my grandpa Bud), I am thankful for the simplified alternatives (like turning a tuna can & melted crayons into a candle, or creating vintage chalkboards from old doors & window panes) to keep me content.
So, if you're looking for inspiration to steer you towards this popular DIY trend, here are some examples of my most recent DIY project obsessions (along with a couple of examples of my own custom DIY creations for my side business Echo Designs):

Materials: vintage silver ladle, single nail, pillar candle, plank of wood (paint, if desired) & hammer (Above photo courtesy of

Materials: upcycled pallet board, four metal casters/wheels & glass table top OR cushions/bedding (Above photo courtesy of

Materials: wine corks, succulents, small magnet & dirt (Above photo courtesy of

Materials: upcycled window pane & white chalkboard marker (Above photo courtesy of Echo Designs by Kristy Neufeld –

Materials: upcycled cabinet doors, primer, chalkboard paint, paint brush (or roller) & chalkboard markers (Above photo courtesy of Echo Designs by Kristy Neufeld –

Materials: empty wine bottles, glass cutter tool (your choice), hot water (Above photos courtesy of

Materials: upcycled metal rake head, nail & hammer (Above photo courtesy of )

Materials: upcycled tuna cans, wooden clothes pins & tea lights/small plants (Above photo courtesy of )

Materials: wine corks, ink & razor blade (Above photo courtesy of

Materials: rain gutters, dirt, assorted plants, wiring & hooks, for suspension (Above photo courtesy of

Happy Crafting,

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Ann Nickerson


Love the creative vibes!  Let’s see lots more of these ideas in the future!  What are your prices on the chalk boards?

Kristy Neufeld


Thanks for the sweet comment, Ann - I look forward to finding more creative inspirations for you & fellow readers in the future. You’ll have to send us photos if you try any of those project ideas. (Each of my large Echo Designs chalkboards start at $50, including custom text.) Stay creative!



Great ideas!!!

A & W


We’ll be following your blogs with great interest.  Great job!!  Love ya!



Vielen Dank, meine wunderschoene Eltern! Hoffe gerne, dass alles euch immer gut geht. Ganz viel Lieb’

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