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I remember when the Southwest look was really big (back in the 80’s) for places other than the Southwest. Pale desert colors, silver concha belts, and turquoise jewelry were the rage. When the craze was over, we never looked back.

On to new horizons…

We gentrified our homes with Laura Ashley, chintz and the English Cottage look and when we tired of that we mind-traveled to Southern France and purchased yards and yards of Pierre Deux fabrics to cover our sofas, pillows and beds.

We are all guilty of stealing styles for our home décor. Who doesn’t remember (and want to forget) sponge painted walls, wallpaper borders and bean bag furniture?
Styles in home furnishings go full circle as do clothing styles. If you keep something long enough you might get to wear it or display it again! At a recent market when I found myself drawn to a Southwest type fabric, I looked for ways that I could incorporate it into our displays in a fresh way…kind of Southwest meets Boho. Boho (short for bohemian) can be defined as ethnic, hippie, native American, Moroccan, organic, detailed, colorful, whatever.

So I set out looking for photos for a story board to give me the inspiration of the look I was after. Pinterest and Houzz were my main sources. I have attached them for you to see on this blog, on my Pinterest page and in a Houzz Ideabook.

Soon you’ll have to visit our store to see how my look came together!


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Julie McCollough


I have an old Indian blanket and would like to hang it on the wall.  How would you recommend doing that?

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