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The holidays are soon approaching so you know it’s the time to invite out of town family and friends into your home for a few nights. Having extra people in your home can be a little stressful, but it’s always ends up being a fun time. Make sure your guests get the most out of their stay with these helpful tips for guest bedrooms and guest bathrooms. Being prepared will also make it easier on you, the host, because if they need something it will already be set up and ready to go! 

Guest Bathroom:
Nothing can be more obvious than having a nice clean bathroom for guests to use, but having other amenities available will surely impress your guests. Before your guests arrive stock your bathroom with new bars of soap, a box or tissues, toilet paper, some cotton balls, and Q-tips. It’s nice to arrive somewhere after a long day of traveling and not have to bother the host with questions, so just leave all these items in plain view in nice glass jars on the counter or hide them away in the top drawer so your guests can find them easily.

Make a quick stop at Target or a drug store and get travel sized toiletries to store in the bathroom if you have forgetful guests staying with you. I know I always forget toothpaste or some other necessity when I travel and it’s so nice when my thoughtful host is prepared for me. These items in their mini travel sizes are very inexpensive and even if they don’t get used they’ll still be good to go for your next round of house guests! You can even use all those hotel samples you’ve been stealing over the years (come on everyone does it) if you don’t have time to go to the store. These can also be put in a glass jar or simply in a drawer. 

If you have multiple switches on the wall for the light, heater and air vents, it may be nice to take a small piece of tape and label each one so guests don’t have to waste time messing around with them to figure out which one does what.  Handwriting the labels can help make the idea bit of a warmer and welcoming.

Place clean shower and hand towels out for guest too. After being on a plane or in a car for the day, guests want to shower and get the smell of travel off them as soon as they arrive. Also remember to put down a clean bath mat on the floor to avoid a puddle of shower water for you to clean up later. 


Guest Bedroom:
The bedroom can be extremely easy to prepare for guest’s arrival. The day before they come put fresh linens on to the bed and add an additional cozy blanket for those chilly holiday nights.

If there is a TV in the room make sure you place the remote somewhere they can find it, like on the nightstand. If you want you can even place magazines and some of your favorite books in the room for some extra entertainment if they’re night owls or early risers. Don’t forget it’s smart to write down your WiFi information and place it somewhere in the room...you know they’re going to ask. Also place water bottles or a water carafe (one of our favorites) on the night stand for each guest, this way they don’t have to fumble in the middle of the night to find which cabinet the cups are in. 

For an even more inviting environment add some fresh seasonal flowers to the room. Just make sure whatever you do, the room is clean and inviting for guests to rest their travel tired bodies in!

Happy Stress-free Entertaining!


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