Stuck in a Blizzard

01 Jan 2011
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We are the Bowman's and we are stuck in New York.  It sounds fun, even a bit  exciting.  But it's not. 
When we left for Christmas in New York, all I could think about was how fun it would be if we had a white Christmas.  We left Chico with the weather report showing a 20% chance of snow.  Oh well...we would have fun anyways.  I mean, Christmas in New York...who doesn't want that?!

We spent a few wonderful days in Manhattan.  We saw the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, we visited the Bloomingdales and Macy's windows, we played at FAO Schwartz and the American Girl Doll store, we awed at the Rockefeller Christmas tree, we slept at a hip and expensive, mid town hotel (thanks to Priceline!).  We did it all...we were happy Christmas tourists. 

After our New York adventure, we envisioned a fun, relaxing ride on the Long Island Railroad to visit my husbands family in Long Island...


However, it was not what we had imagined.  Cramped, with luggage stacked up high, no room to sit, relax, or yet alone, read. 

But we got to Long Island and to be with the family for the holidays.  Christmas Eve was a party, Christmas Day was another one.  Then the news broke that night that there was to be a blizzard.  When we went to sleep that night, we had high hopes to wake up to fresh snow.  We woke up but with no snow in sight. We figured the weather report was wrong, which, I am told, happens often around here.  Then it hit.  And it hit big. 

In the morning, we made our way to visit my husband’s aunt but didn't get too far.  With the snow falling and without four-wheel drive we had to turn around.  Needless to say, we were stuck for 2 days in the family's house. 

But there was hope!  On the day that we were scheduled to leave, the snow plow plowed the street.  We now had clearance to the airport!  We packed up, and made our way to the Cheesecake Factory for one last meal with the family.  Just as we were getting up to leave we received the dreaded email.  Our flight was cancelled.  We tried and tried to get through to the airlines, but kept getting disconnected.  We were finally able to reschedule...for a week and half  later, on Jan. 6. Seriously?! 

I went through the 5 stages of grief and the first one was shock.  Then denial, anger, sadness, loss, confusion, then positive thoughts (think: The Secret).  And then again the grief.  What was I to do?  Finally after 2 days of worrying, crying a little, fighting with the husband and more worrying, we were finally able to get through the airline and reschedule to an earlier flight. 

Now I can enjoy the family who has been so kind and gracious to us.  Now I can enjoy the rest of our New York Christmas.  Now our New York Christmas has turned into New York New Years.  And with any luck we'll be on a flight this weekend and home soon to our beds, our home and our withered Christmas tree.

Otherwise, we'll always have January 6th.

- Sage


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