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Spring colors are blossoming all around us and we’re excited about the soft but lively colors popping in our showroom.  And if you haven’t opened a magazine lately you may not know that pops of subdued color are big in 2014… quite contrary to the greys and taupes of what was trending a few years back. 

The 2014 colors of the year have names like radiant orchid, cayenne and violet tulip which sound exciting but could seem daunting to incorporate into your home.  And that’s why we’re here.  So over the next few weeks we’ll be going through all of this year’s haute colors. 

Let’s start with the color of the year Radiant Orchid…


It can be used sparingly to accentuate an architectural element like these ceilings and walls.

Or simply as component to make another piece of furniture stand out.


Look at the subtle statement that is made by creating this backdrop for a bar!


Or using an otherwise ordinary white shelf to display a color collection.


I love these interiors pairing radiant orchid with other vibrant colors such as fuchsia.

And green...



And yellow...




Perhaps my favorite pairing is orchid with rich blue tones.




These designers have done an amazing job with these spaces, being careful to not make the space look too busy or too overdone. 

Stay tuned for more of this year's haute colors!

- Sara

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Suzanne rakow


Really love the work you’ve done here with color.

Teresa Moffitt


Yes!  My kind of color….orchid!  Of course….you have found the best collection of beautiful ways in which orchid can be a beautiful color!



More color posts coming soon!

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