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29 Aug 2012
Our Home Accessories posted by Nantucket Staff

I was actually inspired to write this blog post by a woman and her two children who recently came to visit our showroom.   It was a quiet morning at Nantucket Home when this equally quiet trio entered the store.   All smiles, they began to explore the showroom.  I could hear the exchange of murmured whispers - not clear enough to decipher – but their tone was filled with wonder and curiosity.  As they finished their loop, they stopped to ask me about the product displayed on this table...

And who wouldn’t be curious about what you see above… um, are those REAL bugs?!

YES.  I will stress that they were naturally collected (meaning they lived the full extent of their life and then were gently gathered after they died).  Aren’t they incredible?  We have several different framed collections.  One full of neon beetles!  Another with butterflies and moths, but one has a 9” wing span!  Which is your favorite of the 2 shown above:  the 15 different butterflies or the praying mantis and leaf bugs?  And just for a sense of scale, that praying mantis is 7” long – imagine waking up with THAT on your pillow!

Now this is a bug on a pillow I can snuggle up to.  You may recognize this green and blue butterfly pillow from the August issue of Upgraded Living, as it was featured on the lively bedspread (click here to see it).  The giclee printed pillows are high quality prints made on 100% linen.  They are available in wide variety of subject material, from bugs to birds, nature to travel.

These are real feathers from a Bornean Peacock-Pheasant, which are native to the Island of Borneo.  Surrounded by the South China Sea, Borneo is the third largest island in the world.  Unfortunately, the Bornean Peacock-Pheasant’s habitat in the lowland rain forest is diminishing due to over logging and conversion to commercial land.   With such a small range territory and diminishing population size, this beautiful bird was added to the endangered species list in 2008.  Again, I will stress the feathers were naturally collected, and they certainly are gorgeous.

Finally, you have seen the blue pulp paper books in several of the images leading up to this one.  We also have them in a white calligraphy cover.  I think these would be really fun as journals or photo books, even as a crafty scrap book.  Are you a collector?  Rather than tossing out your favorite collectables or keeping them in a drawer somewhere, tack them onto one of these pages and follow it with a handwritten note of where you found the treasure, who you were with.  Or perhaps collecting in one of these aqua boxes would be more your style?  The pulp books or aqua boxes filled with something memorable would make a really sweet gift.  Maybe you could also use one of these calligraphy scrolls to write your message on?

That brings us to the end of the “Corner Table” Tour. 
Thank you to the trio that left me feeling inspired.

Sarah Leigh

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