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Memorial Weekend…Beginning of Summer…Getaway to the Mountains…Cozy Cabin in the Woods…The first phrase triggers the next and the next and the next. What do I like when I try to describe my ideal cabin? First of all, it’s rustic, relatively small, and looks like it has grown out of its location after years of loving families’ coming and going.

And if possible, it has to have a body of water close by.


It has to have style, even funky style is okay.

The materials used should be organic,rough cut stone, warm weathered woods, tarnished copper and brass.

And it has to be close by so that I can use it when I want with a minimum of effort…oh and a sleeping porch would be nice.

And I have to be able to use it on Memorial Weekend, the Fourth of July and Labor Day Weekend!
Happy Holiday!


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Very beautiful.  Now where do I go to book my reservations? LOL

Debbie Shaw


Absolutely loved your cabin email!

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