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Every year when I pull out the box of ornaments and holiday decorations I'm amazed at how i'll find a few broken ornaments.  Even though each year they are packed with care and hidden down away from curious fingers in our basement I still find a few shattered bulbs or bent ornaments.  So each year I get to replace the broken with new. 

Since I have 2 young boys I have the colorful 'kid' Christmas tree. You all know what I'm talking about. It's the tree that's decorated with childhood ornaments; some from me and some from my hubby and most from kids.   Macaroni, popcorn, wood figurines with pull strings, paper crafts and glitter all make a very festive and bright tree.  Just what little minds crave.  However, I now understand the reason my mom would always get a tree of her own to decorate... so that she can have a simple, beautiful and sparkly tree.  One that shys away from kids crafts and instead exhibits the very finest of holiday peace and serenity...

So without much ado, visit soon for a little bit of that sparkle, a burst of merry and a sprinkle of white Christmas to decorate your Christmas tree with just a touch more of that glamour and sparkle.




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My mom always had her own tree too! It was a beautiful tree covered in white lights and glass ornaments while our kid tree was the “bear” tree with colored lights and many many
colorful ornaments.  I didn’t know this was a common tradition.  Happy tree decorating to everyone! Off to get mine today!

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