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Sleeper sofas.  We all have had encounters with these sleep thieves and stiff back makers – but even so, we know so many friends and family that have sleeper sofas in their homes.  They are just so handy!  But can a sleeper really be comfortable as both a sofa and a bed?  YES, and it is (rightfully) called the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather.  And with the National Comfort Sleeper Sale underway, offering the LOWEST prices of the year, this great find just got even greater.

Let’s start with what troubles most of us about sleepers – the springs and bars in our backs while sleeping… all night long.  The Comfort Sleeper has no bars, no springs, and no sagging so you (and your guests) can enjoy a bed that is comfortable enough to sleep on every night. 

The Comfort Sleeper is the only sleeper mattress covered with Cryton fabric – a waterproof, stain proof covering that also protects against dust mites, mold, mildew, bacteria, and allergens.  This fully breathable fabric protects your mattress and adds years of valuable wear.  The mattress is 5 inches of high density foam for excellent ergonomic support.  You can choose the regular or firm high-density foam, or even select a Tempur-Pedic mattress.

One of my favorite features of the Comfort Sleeper is that it offers the biggest sleep space in the least amount of floor space.  Its patented design allows the mattress to snug up to the back of the sofa so it takes up less room when the bed is extended.  At the same time, the mattresses are longer than ordinary sofa beds.  The Comfort Sleeper uses conventional mattress sizes (cot, twin, full, queen, queen plus, king) which provides you with more sleeping room and allows for proper sheet fit of standard bed linens. That’s a win-win!

The Comfort Sleeper is available in 13 styles and over 300 fabric and leather options, so you are bound to find something that suites you and your home.  Style, Durability, and Comfort - now when you have family over for the holidays, there will be no need to apologize to their sleepless faces in the morning.  You may even offer them your room so you can sleep on your new Comfort Sleeper! 

Visit our showroom to try one out for yourself, and take advantage of the lowest prices of the year through September.

Happy Sleeping!
Sarah Leigh

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