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In the past, whenever I heard the word ‘recliner’ I immediately thought of the huge brown recliner that my grandpa had. It took up a large portion of the room, it would squeak when anyone sat in it, and it had a footrest that shot up so fast you had to hold on to your seat when you wanted to recline. So you can imagine my surprise the first time I sat in the new American Leather comfort recliners! I can say with certainty that the revolution of recliners has come a very long way since the days when I sat in my grandpa’s recliner. I was shocked that such an elegant looking chair could be so comfortable.

The new generation of comfort recliners is a clear favorite here at Nantucket Home. With so many size and style options, it’s easy to find a recliner that fits everyone. The recliner is available in four different sizes and seven different styles. With over 300 fabric and leather options, you can easily find an option that matches your space.

And since all of us here are pet lovers from large families, how could we not be impressed with fabric and leather options that are great for animals and kids alike. Our showroom dog Bailey seems a bit partial to the leather chair:

With Father’s day just around the corner, what better way to tell your dad, grandpa, uncle, or son just how much you appreciate him than with the gift of ultimate comfort. I bet their old recliners don’t offer four types of adjustment! They will be impressed when they can adjust the back, then the footrest, followed by the headrest pillow and then the height (via the adjustable base). Warning: he may be too comfortable to get up and help with the chores, but maybe – just  for Father’s day – we would be willing to let that slide.

Well, these are just a few of the reasons we LOVE our comfort recliners. Not to mention the fact that through Saturday they are at the lowest price of the year.  American Leather's National Comfort Recliner Event is going on now.  What's even better is that there is now a 'powered' option.  So come in, kick back and relax.  Dad will love you even more for it!

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