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It's not everyday that we give such ridiculous discounts.  But it's also not everyday that we need to empty (yes, empty) about 1500 square feet of space to make room for new and exciting changes.  We have big ideas for this space and to get to empty we're offering 70% off EVERYTHING in this space...yes 70% off!!!!

There's a catch though. 

We don't have time to give you months or even weeks to make your decisions, to do your space planning or to contemplate too long.  You'll have 3 DAYS.  That's it.  On the 4th day, when the doors are shut and when the Taste of Chico is in full force we will literally be disassembling our entire 12,000 sq ft. of showroom space in the hopes of surprising, inspiring, and delighting you with the finished product sometime the following week (we never know how long these can go on... it's a huge job). 

So how will you know when this laborious project is complete?  Well, if you're a local reader it's when you see us all at Tres Hombres sometime next week with margaritas in-hand.  Of course, for the out-of-the-area readers, we'll post about it too with new images of our showroom.

So if you're thinking you need a bigger dining table for Thanksgiving... or a few extra chairs to pull up to the Christmas table... or a gorgeous rug to make your furniture pop and your toes warm... or possibly a new coffee table for your drinks... or a fabulous lamp or chandelier to help your China sparkle... or perhaps a few pillows and accessories to bring the room together then you should come early.  At these prices the deals won't last!

We'll be here to give you 70% off of everything in our warehouse...

from 9:30 to 5pm This Thursday, Friday and Saturday

(Sept. 8th, 9th, and 10th)


p.s. if you are an out-of-town reader, give us a call (530.895.1038) or send us an email  We'd be happy to discuss our sale items with you over the phone or email. 

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