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We travel to High Point once a year, every spring, to attend the largest furniture show in the country. With Chico being 1 1/2 hours from the closest big city airport, it takes close to 15 hours of driving waiting, flying, waiting, flying and driving to get to this small town in the middle of North Carolina.

After a short night of sleep, we made our traditional first stop of the show at the beautiful three story Lee Industries building. Lee is our major supplier of American made upholstery. We have been selling their products for over 20 years.

Every floor of their building is packed with beautiful new vignettes, filled with new sofas, chairs, ottomans and beds in all the newest styles and fabrics and what's even more exciting... all of them are for sale off the floor. If a buyer gets there early enough on the first day he can tag pieces for his store. We come prepared with our store name and address on stickers in order to speed up our time in tagging. This show we came away with a sofa, two chairs, several ottomans, poufs and pillows. And we don't have to wait for production, they ship everything to us right after market!

The Lee showrrom is to us, a home away from home. We stop in for coffee in the morning and snacks and a glass of wine in the evening.

While there, we always find interesting people to talk to... the fabric buyer, company president, visual display merchandiser, one of our great sales reps or other buyers. It is valuable time spent with people who have shared interests that really makes our show a great learning experience.

This show the subject was color. After the past couple of years with everything being so neutral in tones of black, white and Restoration gray, it was so refreshing to see color unchained! Come and enjoy some of our favorites from the Lee showroom...

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Love the colorful headboards! I want one!

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