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I have recently fallen in love with branch chandeliers! This alternative to the traditional crystal chandelier makes for a more rustic look and brings a feel of autumn to any home. Branch chandeliers are a new whimsical way of bringing natural elements into any space. They can work into the interior of any room in your home. This type of lighting fixture works in the kitchen and dining area, the living room, and even the bedroom if you have the space.   

Branch chandeliers are very versatile from color to size and style, so no matter your personal taste there is one that can work its way into your home design. 

Branch chandeliers can also be used outside for a party or wedding celebration.  Using a branch chandelier outside creates a unique feel to outdoor entertaining and is something different that guests will surely remember. 

You also don’t have to stick to natural color tones with these lighting fixtures. Branch chandeliers are so one of a kind anyways, so why not go wild with a bright color or bring contrast to the room with pure white. 

Check out our A Brighter Fall board on Pinterest for more inspiration and if you’re really inspired take a look at our very own version, available in natural, white, and custom finishes! Just head over to our online store.


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