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I’m a big fan of Upgraded Living Magazine. Returning to the Chico after being a Davis and Bay Area dweller for several years, it helps me reconnect and become familiar with all that the North State has to offer. As a family-owned business, Nantucket Home also loves to read about other local shops and community members – it’s like we are getting the chance to sit down, talk with them personally, and take a glimpse into their lives. We are proud to be featured in this magazine, among our neighbors and friends.

Speaking of friends... The star of our photograph is Mason, 7 (daughter of Senior Designer, Sage Bowman) and her loyal dog, Russy. I love when Mason and Russy are able to visit Nantucket Home, as they always bring a smile to my day. This sometimes shy, but always upbeat duo can often be found playing in the Rug Gallery, where Mason likes to jump and teach Russy new tricks.

When I am not being distracted by the adorableness of the two cuties in the above image, I cannot help but be struck by the stunning quality of the furniture pieces in the photo, as well. To me, the above furniture has two apparent themes. Theme one: the sofa, ottoman and chair (a, b, and c) are all made in High Point, North Carolina. Theme two: essentially anything upholstered is done so with Belgian Linen (a, b, f).  Mason and Russy can both vouch for how comfortable the sofa is – from the cushy seating to the soft linen. This would be the perfect sofa for those of us who are “leaners” – you know who you are! I’m one of them – meaning that I like to sit where I can prop myself up against something. (Getting stuck in the center seat on an airplane is my nightmare!) This shelter arm sofa provides support while the sofa side pillows offer something soft to sink into. (My heaven.) It comes in a smaller size, as well (which you will also find on display in our showroom currently). Finally, I abosultely adore the Striped Linen Pillows on this sofa – not only are the proportions of these pillows really nice with the sofa, but the grommets on the flange are such an unexpected and fun decorative addition.

For questions, leave a comment here or call us at 530.895.1038.

Mason, Russy, scoot over!  I am coming in for a lean!

Sarah Leigh

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