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I recently stumbled across these pictures and just had to share.  It makes me realize just how lucky we are to be living in such a stunning world.  Oftentimes with so much negativity surrounding our everyday lives, it’s refreshing to come across such beauty.  I hope we can look at these pictures and remember to enjoy each day, to travel to some of these special places and to take care of the planet we live on!

A bamboo grove in Japan.  This is a hike that I would go on!

A bridge in Vancouver…look at those gorgeous green pine trees!  Can you imagine walking across this bridge?  I shudder at the thought.  Would you walk it?

This is Cenotes, Mexico.  The colors, the light, the gorgeous, clear water…wow.


This picture is funny to me because when I was first looking at it, it looked familiar.  And then I realized that it is familiar as I went there for my honeymoon in Jamaica.  We left our resort one day and went on a tour.  We were told to wear comfortable shoes that we can get wet…and we walked up the falls.  Yes, up.  That’s what they do there.  I suppose it’s easier than walking down.  Having just got married, I was paranoid about my rings.  I really should have left them at the hotel.  And then about halfway through the walk up the falls, I inspected my engagement ring only to notice that the diamond was loose.  What are the chances?  I was so scared the rest of the walk, holding my ring, that I barely even noticed the beauty.  UPDATE: Everything ended up being fine.  No lost diamond.  When we got back home, I had it repaired.  And almost 10 years later, it’s still going strong!

Isle of Skye, Scotland.  I bet this is freezing water, but it looks so fresh.  I love those jade green rocks.

I wonder if anyone water skis in this lake?  Lake Powell, Utah.

This is Lofoten, Norway.  I am speechless.  The water looks like a mirror, so still and smooth.  Who lives there?  Lucky people to wake up to that every day.

It would make me so happy to go through this “Love Tunnel” in the Ukraine.  I love that the trees have grown like that.  What a special train trip to take!

Look at the rolling hills and Cypress trees near Lucca, Italy.  Where the Tofanellis are from.  

I can’t show my daughter (or my friend and coworker Lauren) these amazing, pink trees in Madrid, Spain…she’ll want them for our yard!

Maldives, India.  Honey, are you reading this?

I would love to sit on the beach on Palominito Island in Puerto Rico…how wonderful to have a private, white sand beach!

Portillo ski resort in Chile.  This is simply breathtaking.

Portugal.  Wow, is all I can say!  Looking through these pictures, I’m just amazed at what beauty we have in our world.

And here’s another place that I’ve been.  I LOVE Le Cinqueterre, Italy.  Cinque means five in Italian.  This collection of coastal towns in Italy are so pretty.  You can walk from town to town or take a train.  We took the train because it was raining that day.  The colors are endless, the sea is beautiful…and the food is beyond what words could say!  This picture was taken in Riomaggiore, Italy.

This is a salt dessert in Bolivia.  I can’t tell where the water stops and the sky starts.

This sea cave in Portugal is very pretty.  I might feel a little scared, though!

I heard that you can see lots of stars in Iceland…these are amazing…and it’s day time!  To add to that, the Skogarfoss Waterfall and the rainbow…incredible.

This is Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.  I think I am probably claustrophobic…these caves are making me nervous.  However I still appreciate the beauty it provides!

This is Thor’s Well in Oregon.  It makes me really nervous.  I would hate to be near this.  Where do you think the water goes?

These are amazing!  They’re called the Pamukkale Travertine Pools and they are in Turkey.  At first, I thought it was ice, but the water is actually warm and wonderful.  For thousands of years, people have been bathing in these pools.

Holland is known for their tulips and here is such a stunning picture to show just how many they grow there!


Have you noticed how many times Italy has been mentioned in this post?  If you haven’t been to Venice, you must go!  But don’t say “Ciao, Bella” to the local male butcher, right Dad?

Yao Noi, Thailand.  Oh my goodness…look at that pool.  When I’m rich…

These are rice fields in Yunnan, China.  Look at the pretty shapes and color they all are.  This could be printed and framed!

If you haven’t traveled, make it happen…these places (and many others around the world) are not to be missed!


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