When Baby Dreams

03 Feb 2012
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Most moms can’t wait for their children to take their naps so they can, efficiently, get things done around the house.  This Finish mom, however, puts her daughter to sleep and then dresses her, creates scenes with her and takes pictures.

Here’s little Mila and she’s picking flowers in the forest:

The photographer (and mom) Adele Enersen works as a copywriter and concept designer in advertising.  I can understand now how she gets her creativity!  Here’s Mila petting a little lamb:

She uses blankets, clothing and other props from around her house to stage each photo of her daughter.  Mila is a baby bookworm here:


The first time Adele realized she could take pictures of her sleeping daughter was when Mila fell asleep in a funny position and she looked like a little fencer.  They added some props and took her picture.  From there, she got even more creative.  Where no baby has gone before:

Up, up and away:




Mila’s favorite color is pink and therefore, it is prominently shown throughout Adele’s book.  Here’s Mila strolling through a cotton candy park:


Adele used one of her old cardigan sweaters to create the elephant pictured here.  Here’s Mila riding on an Indian elephant.  I don’t know how Adele kept Mila sleeping throughout all of this!


Surfer girl:


Here is the book, if you’re interested.  It would be such a great coffee table book as a gift or for yourself!


Adele thinks Mila will love the book when she is older because it’s something so special.  What a way to create unique baby pictures to have forever!  Would you forego your afternoons of chores to take memories of your children sleeping?



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