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When life hands you lemons, pick them and share with friends!

There are so many things I love about Spring but one of my favorites is the abundance of Meyer lemons that I get to enjoy and share from my father-in-law’s yard. Honestly though, the best part is that we can actually harvest lemons off this tree year round – it’s the magical lemon tree (or it is just really happy).

So what do we do with ALL of these lemons you wonder? Here are a few of my favorite uses:

Salmon baked with large, juicy lemon slices

Juice and freeze! Add to your favorite drink or for that extra touch to your ice water at the dinner table! Best part is that it also gives you stock for the winter!

And my most recent favorite after diving into the Paleo lifestyle – Blueberry lemon muffins.  It actually comes from the book Practical Paleo but I found a link from Purely Primal to share.

My husband and I had an amazing dinner followed by an hour of harvest last night.  Now don’t be jealous, remember what I said?  “When life hands you lemons, pick them and share with friends” That wasn’t just a teaser – so stop by Nantucket Home and grab a few.....I definitely have enough to share (and they are quite honestly the best lemons)! 



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