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26 Sep 2012
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As a designer, it is always such a nice gesture to get positive feedback from our clients – knowing that you touched their home and life in some small, positive way. Recently, my co-worker Lauren and I received this feedback in the form of a wonderful letter and touching poem from a new, dear client. But I suppose I should tell you a little bit about our experience first, in order for you to better appreciate our client's poetic words...

It should be noted that we quickly grew to love this particular client, and always enjoy her visits to our store. Lauren and I have gone out to her home several times in return, collaborating and watching as she skillfully transformed her modest, white-walled home into something truly amazing and beautiful. 

(cute accessory display on mirrored side tables in the living room)

(entertainment cabinet next to fishtail palm in the living room)

(bar and table accessory cabinet in the dining room)

Every time we visit her home, it is like walking into a showroom. There is so much to look at and get inspired by. I constantly found myself asking her where she got this or that unique piece. Although many of the items in her home do come from Nantucket Home, she has also managed to integrate the remainder of her eclectic finds beautifully within her home. 

(Chinese antique cabinet, art, sunburst mirror, LEE chair in the master bedroom)

(antique wood panel in the master bedroom)

(cute cat on the porch)

She is so obviously talented when it comes to design that working with her wasn’t much like work at all. It was just plain fun! And, after all the fun and "work" was done, I am proud to say that we made a new friend.

(custom made shower curtain, blue towels in the master bathroom)

(towels and accessories in basket in the master bathroom)

Throughout our enjoyment of this wonderful client and her home's metamorphosis, Lauren and I could not help but feel, at times, that we somehow gained more from our working relationship with this talented, sweet client than she did. That is, until we received the following thoughtful and lovely poem which she wrote for us:

It’s been a long journey to finally finish my space
To wrap it in comfort, make it my special place
The journey has led me to the world of design
Undiscovered treasures yet to be mine
I have a good eye, love the old and the new,
But it took Lauren and Sage to help guide me on through
These beautiful young women, with elegance and a smile,
Helped bring my dreams to fruition, these “curators of style”

What a sweet gift of gratitude!

At the end of the day, this is what we love at Nantucket Home. It is truly why we design... We love making people happy in their homes. We love seeing the smile on their thrilled faces as they sit on their new sofa, walk on their new rug, or lay on their new bed and run their hands over the plush bedding. It’s a small thing. I mean, some people are curing cancer or feeding the poor in Africa. Those are our true heroes. Nonetheless, I feel that if we can make someone’s day by helping them choose a new drapery that is going to make them happy every morning when they wake up, then isn’t that something worth writing poetry about?

*A special THANK YOU to our client for allowing us to share her photos and words of kindness.


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Beautiful home.
Love that you posted pics of our client’s homes.
Would love to see more.
Altho I don’t get to visit Chico that often, I will always remember the day I discovered your store.  Can’t wait till my next visit.  Thanks.



LOVE it all—her home is beautiful!  I remember helping pull out some fabric books for that custom-made shower curtain; LOVE what she chose & I want to copy it now smile 
Great, beautiful poem as well.  How lucky are Lauren & Sage?!

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