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We've been loving our bamboo products for years now... from sheets and pillowcases to tunics and tanks.  But it dawned on us that you may not know much about why we love them.  In a sentence, super soft, lightweight, easy to layer, organic, pretty much wrinkle free and super packable.

Going on a trip?
This super soft clothing is available in many styles, patterns, colors and sizes. Whether worn in layers or alone, this lightweight fabric is made of fibers that are sustainably grown and certified organic... which makes it great for babies too!

Here's Elsi Coco modeling one of her bamboo outfits...



They are easy to care for in your washing machine with a gentle soap and then either air dried or in the dryer on a low setting. When I travel, I roll them up and pack and never give another thought to how they look, because they come out of the suitcase looking fabulous!

What's not to love?  

(We had so much fun taking pictures of Elsi we just have to include one more...)




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Sue Matheson


Elsi Coco looks like the cuddliest model ever!!! She is simply adorable!!!



Does your story carry bamboo clothing for babies and/or adults?

Debbie Mullins


Cutest baby in the world!

Sara Tofanelli-Barroso


We think she’s the cutest around and super sweet too.  Cindy, We have women’s bamboo clothing in our showroom as well as on our website.  We can order the baby bamboo clothes.  It just takes a few days to receive them.  Let us know if there’s a particular style or color you’d like and we can email you pictures. 
Thank you,

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