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Lauren O'Donnell Originally from Santa Cruz, California, Lauren made the trek to Chico in 2003 for what she believed would be a temporary home for the next four years at Chico State.  Determined to be a lawyer, she graduated in 2007 and headed to law school.  Then the unexpected -  she fell in love, got married, quit law school and decided to let her true colors shine – her creative side. Now a permanent “Chicoan,” Lauren spends most of her time delving into the world of design and enjoys applying her creativity and passion for interior design into designing her and her husband’s new 1942 ‘Chico Charmer’ home. In between paint swatches and fabric samples, Lauren enjoys nights out with the girls, walking her two dogs, hot yoga, golfing, sushi date nights with her husband and gardening.  She recently decided to head back to school, but this time for interior design.  She looks forward to sharing her journey into the world of design by writing for the Curators of Lifestyle! 

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Our DesignersOur Furniture posted by Lauren O'Donnell

One of our favorite products has always been our American Leather Comfort Sleepers and just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, they did! The newest generation has been introduced and offers an all new gel mattress that is so comfortable that you might want to give your guests your own bed and sleep on this! Seriously.

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Our Stories posted by Lauren O'Donnell

When life hands you lemons, pick them and share with friends! 

There are so many things I love about Spring but one of my favorites is the abundance of Meyer lemons that I get to enjoy and share from my father-in-law’s yard. Honestly though, the best part is that we can actually harvest lemons off this tree year round – it’s the magical lemon tree (or it is just really happy).


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Our Stories posted by Lauren O'Donnell

For those of you who visit our showroom, you most likely know that you will be greeted by a furry face and a wet nose. One of the first questions that I always get is “is this your dog?”. So I thought I would take a moment to introduce our furry friends and match an owner to their faces.

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