Our Home AccessoriesLatest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

When we were in High Point we saw a lot of color.  One showroom in particular showcased bright color one would see in Florida.  Breathtaking (we'll show you soon) but would our clients be drawn to it?  One of our reps said to us "nobody ever tells you that you look good wearing taupe or black... but dress in something with color and suddenly you'll hear 'I like that color on you'".  Rick liked this concept.  And he brought it up to us a few more times on our buying trip. 

It's true.  We all love color and pattern but we're a bit scared of it too.  Whether it's wearing it or putting it in your home it's a line that we all should learn to cross.  Why not start small?

Pillows are a great way to introduce color and pattern into your home. 

They make it easy to freshen up your house without buying a new piece of furniture or artwork. 

They don't require nails to hang or even delivery men to rearrange your current environment. 

Quite obviously they are the easiest item to bring home to freshen up your house, liven up your sofa and introduce color and pattern. Come by before May 1st and choose any LEE fabric for your pillows and at 30% off ... your other furniture will be green with envy.

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The Revered part II

09 Apr 2011
Our FurnitureLatest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

We're back.  We were in High Point, NC for a week for the biggest furniture market in the world.  It always amazes me that such a huge event takes place in such a small town.  It was a very inspiring market.  Lots of color, lots of good news of the economy and of course, great design. 

We've put together a selection of our favorite pieces from one of our preferred furniture designers, Barclay Butera (who we also saw in High Point).


The Croft desk is truly a favorite of mine because not only is it a beautiful piece that is exceptionally crafted but it also serves another purpose as it is a partner desk.  Partner desks have many advantages – space saver, cost efficient and they lend the ability to sneak in a little flirtatious footzie with your “partner”  in between paying bills & catching up on those never-ending emails!  Lauren

I love love love this mirror! The carved edge frames the mirror in the most unique way. Holly


This bed looks so comfortable and inviting.  I love that the upholstered fabric is very neutral and that any color bedding would work on it.  The footboard makes it more on the modern side, but that doesn’t bother me.  I love footboards…they finish the piece.  The side rails look wood, but they are metal.  So it’s edgy and soft!   And I love the juxtaposition of this chair and dresser!  The chair is classic and fun.  I love the fabric…it would completely liven up a room.  And the dresser is very delicate and simple.  The wood is so pretty.  It will serve a great purpose in any bedroom!  



 The Leather Piper Plantation Chair still holds at #1 for many of us… including Janet and Nan.

Classic styling with a twist. Love the nail head tacks and the contrast suede. Plus it’s really comfortable.  Have you come in to see this East Indies bed?  I absolutely love the detail on the bottom of the footboard on this bed. No need for a dust ruffle here.  Nan

Beautifully crafted, this bed is a favorite of mine due to the rich detail and low profile posts, making it warm and inviting for any bedroom.    Lauren

I adore this chaise.  It has such beautiful lines, and details to it.  The red leather is simply gorgeous.  When we were first introduced to this line by Barclay, I couldn’t stop thinking about this piece….I really need to figure a place in my own home for it!  And this chair is named after Ginger Rogers.  It honors the legacy of the actress by combining comfort with an effortless style, so like the hotels often graced by this starlet.  This stylish chair would add lots of elegance to a room.  Envision at the end of the day relaxing in this beauty with a lemon drop martini. 


 I guess I like a bit of the Pan Asian influence as you can see from my picks. Accented with ebony mahogany, the carved frame on the chair carries the bamboo motif.   I could never do such a bold pattern on a chair but I think it's fabulous. Maybe I can be daring....


Another of Holly's picks is the Ryan City Bar.  “I really like this piece, very classy.”

(and Rick, rarely one for giving a straight answer...)

I am a sucker for chrome and now chrome with really soft leather,,, I want to slick back my hair, have martinis over looking Manhattan and SHE  is wearing a slinky something with Cole Porter playing the piano…I am rich and I don’t hesitate in using a cab over walking 2 blocks.  

(not) Rick

Do you see a favorite here?


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Our FurnitureLatest Trends posted by Lauren O'Donnell

Reading magazines can be a very time consuming activity, which is why I have always found that the there is no better place to dive into them than at an airport.  Therefore, right after I made it through the security gauntlet during my most recent travel it was off to the nearest kiosk to score my favorites – Veranda, Elle Décor & House Beautiful (all images courtesy of). 

Now I have to be honest that I don’t do much “reading” of the magazines, I enjoy them purely for the pictures!  And it is always a plus when I spot one of our pieces in a magazine. 

This time I noticed something interesting as I flipped through the pages.  Amongst the beautiful furniture, elegant bedding and unique antiques, often a little fury friend can be spotted.  My favorite is seeing a sleepy pooch spread out on a chaise lounge.  Did they purchase the chaise and then the dog claimed it?  Or did they purchase the chaise for the dog?  These days it wouldn’t surprise me if the latter were true because it’s a dog’s world – no doubt about it…..we just design it!

Ahhh, the cool feeling of stone on a hot day....

Pink and a pooch, my two favorite things!

And of course, here are my very furry friends who I just couldn’t live without……

And yes, I too design my home with my dogs in mind.  My husband and I recently purchased a LEE sectional and our main goal was to find the perfect “golden retriever” beige so Bogey’s hair could blend right in….you probably don’t want to wear black to our house =)

I guess the only problem is when we go to visit my parents……their sofa is just as cozy apparently.  Bogey (our Golden Retriever) chooses to play the “I am not a smart dog” card when told to get off the sofa. 

Lauren, Bogey & Riley


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