The Revered

27 Feb 2011
Our FurnitureLatest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso



to appreciate.  to enjoy.  to have a high opinion of.

We wanted to dedicate this post to pieces that we admire from one of our favorite furniture makers in Virginia.  They may be pieces we have had on our showroom floor or others that we have admired while flipping through our catalogs.  Either way, these pieces have a way with style, simplicity and function. 

The Byrdcliffe Split Top Console table... they grow wide or go skinny.  And the wood is not delicate.  The drawers would hide my newspaper clippings and scissors.


This is my new favorite dresser and I am trying to figure out a way to get it into my house.  Its simplicity, style, hardware and look are beautiful to me.  I love that it’s tall and has lots of different sized drawers.  Plus, the best part is that it comes in 8 different serene finishes.


I think this European inspired split top table is my favorite piece right now. It is so versitile and takes up very little space. It can be a console- desk- dining table. And the finish works with many of diffferent styles.


Likewise, Nan's favorite is also mine. I like this piece because of its versatility. It can be used as a console table in any room and you can unfold it to use as a dining table for extra seating when you have those extra guests. The contrast between the wood and metal gives it a unique look that can mesh with so many styles.


A favorite piece of mine is the Red House Revival Table.  It has great architectural lines, with a bit of a fresh twist to the Craftsman aesthetic.  Being only 42”, it is a versatile piece that could be used in an entry, breakfast nook, or as a game table.  All the pieces in this collection speak to me!


I love the Hudson Street Console table because of the dark finish and storage possibilities. Removable shelves, pull out media tray, and hidden electrical outlet make this piece very user-friendly with a modern edge.


One of my favorite pieces is the European Farmhouse Patrons Console. Designed as a modest storage cabinet, the console is also an elegantly conceptualized display space. The open design leaves ample room for a tv, media equipment, books and even decorative items.  I think coral and shells would compliment it perfectly.


What do you think?  Do you have a favorite?

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An inspiring run-in

03 Feb 2011
Our FurnitureOur Home AccessoriesLatest Trends posted by Sara Tofanelli-Barroso

There is so much to see and so much to do whenever we're at market that we walk quickly and we search with intensity.  Rick is usually somewhere in our wake.  As you know, Rick loves to talk. Instinctively and perhaps subconsciously, Rick can start up a conversation with anyone from a fast food drive-thru staff member or in this case a rep, a shopper, a vendor or an elevator attendant.  It’s his nature.  Granted, 9 times out of 10 he finds out useful information that he didn’t even know he was searching for. 

Another thing he’s good at is watching people.  If you catch him in the right mood, a little timid or perhaps overwhelmed you might catch him studying his surroundings and the people in those surroundings. 

One such day in High Point, N.C. Nan and I were occupying ourselves with the new styles and products while Rick sat down for a break and noticed one particular shopper.  Sure, she was attractive but he was more intrigued with how she shopped thoughtfully and decisively the entire time never looking at a single price tag!  He pointed this out to us and we were all a bit dumbfounded.

We finished in this showroom and hopped on the shuttle to move on to the next showroom (yes, they’re far apart in High Point).  The first person we came across was the same pensive shopper.  She was already there marking her items with red stickers.  Now since the showroom was packed and people were frantically trying to get a salesperson to ‘mark’ their items we could only assume that she either called ahead for the precious stickers or perhaps she knew the tricks and brought her own?  Either way, Rick needed to find out.

This is how we met Lisa Luby Ryan.  Rick, of course, found out oodles of information… that she has a store in Dallas, Texas, she specializes in European antiques, she goes to France at least 4 times a year to buy for her shop and for certain, how she got her stickers.

That same market we ended up running into her many more times and always delightful she greeted us with a big smile.  Since that '08 market she’s been busy with her own shop and started her own line of furniture, lamps and accessories.  You can read all about her here

So we were very happy to see her and her new line at the recent Las Vegas market.  All the pieces she’s designed for the line have the same relaxed sophistication she conveys.

These vases work as pitchers, vases or take the vases out and use the metal shelving for green moss and seeds.


Our favorite piece

is this linen slipcovered bench

Shown placed at a dining table (afterall, it's a slipcover!)

It would also be fantastic at the foot of a bed.

And... we'll be seeing it soon in our showroom. 


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Applied Color

30 Jan 2011
Our FurnitureOur Home AccessoriesLatest Trends posted by Nan Tofanelli

Whenever we go to market, I carry around cuttings of all of the upholstery fabrics that we either have on our showroom floor or pieces that we have on order. I do this so that we can put new “rooms” together in our displays. The cuttings get brought out when we are shopping for accessories, like pillows, lamps, pottery, artwork or when we are looking for rugs to go in the rooms. 

When I look at most of the cuttings, I have to admit that other than the textures of them, for the most part they look a little neutral (I won’t say boring). Not a real impressive array of colors!

I like to be able to change looks in our showroom and nothing changes it more dramatically than color. So I usually (and unconscienciously) end up choosing neutral fabrics for the upholstery. Then I add personality and drama by selecting a wall color, art, an area rug and accessories in whatever flavor I am trying to relay. And that is what gives you excitement! 

This market we experienced an amazing, visual display of colors. Compiled with our neutral fabrics, all of a sudden…magic happens. Our once cream sofa becomes the canvas backdrop for a rainbow of ideas.

We found eye popping colors in rugs, like these one-of-a-kind wonders from our source in India.




We also purchased an array of colorful ceramic lamps in popsicle colors.

We found bright, inspiring art to fill our walls.

And when everything finally arrives to our showroom, we will be painters and apply the colors as to the blank canvas below...

Fashion Modular Sofa modern living room

modern living room design by new york interior designer Amy Lau Design

Central Park West Apartment modern living room

modern living room design by philadelphia showroom usona

Millneck Showhouse contemporary living room

contemporary living room design by new york interior designer Eileen Kathryn Boyd

Glenn Gissler Design contemporary living room
This will be an exciting spring!
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