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As I’m getting ready for summer (camps for my daughter, booking a few mini vacations, and thinking about my garden’s fresh cherry tomatoes), I also love to think about my clients and their homes.  I know that I’m itching to change or add a few summery things into my house and yard, and I think everyone else wants to, as well.  We have some amazing outdoor furniture that we all love.  Just looking at the pictures of the beautiful furniture pieces in lush, gorgeous yards makes me think of myself, in the cool breeze, watching my daughter play outside.  I never have time to just sit and relax, but maybe if I had this furniture, I would!  And if I had this backyard and pool…just maybe it would all work for me.


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One of our favorite products has always been our American Leather Comfort Sleepers and just when we thought they couldn’t get any better, they did! The newest generation has been introduced and offers an all new gel mattress that is so comfortable that you might want to give your guests your own bed and sleep on this! Seriously.

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We've been loving our bamboo products for years now... from sheets and pillowcases to tunics and tanks.  But it dawned on us that you may not know much about why we love them.  In a sentence,

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