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It all starts with an idea.  And then we find the paint colors, hire the painters, meet with Roy (our decorative painter) and slowly our vision starts appearing.

I have been helping a client of mine for almost a year now with the remodel of her home.  We began with her kitchen: new cabinets, appliances, counters, flooring…all of which is completely covered right now.  But underneath all of the plastic is a beautiful, spacious, updated, modern kitchen.


Then we moved onto the wall colors in the house.  My client's palette is very neutral, with some accent colors.  She expressed interest in having her entryway be special so that when guests come to visit (and it’s the first room that they see) they are instantly comfortable and, hopefully, amazed.  After several meetings of what decorative treatment we are going to do, we decided on a silver foil ceiling with textured walls.  Here are pictures of the samples that Roy did. 

The foil will be distressed…this is newly put on the sample board.  Once it’s distressed, it’s really going to have a smooth, nice, shimmery finish on the ceiling.  It’s going to be warm and welcoming and interesting…maybe a conversation starter.  The walls are a neutral gray tone with a plaid texture.  Very subtle, but definitely noticeable. Here's another image...

We next moved into the family room, where we are going to do a glaze on the walls that have been painted a neutral yellow-taupe.  You can see in the picture that the walls are flat now and we are going to choose which sample to go with for the glaze.  A glaze is a slight color over the base color that adds depth and texture.  It’s very minor…but it adds so much to flat walls.

These pictures were all taken a week or so ago.  The next step is making the final decisions and then getting to work!  Roy has already started on the entry since those decisions have been made.  We are all excited to see the final results of this project.  I will continue to take pictures and keep you updated!


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Friday... Well, we are safe. Thank God. We ended up spending 7 hours at the community park. It's funny, when you are in that sort of situation with other people, everyone is so nice and friendly. We made friends with a lot of people...and ladies let Mason and I cut in line for the bathroom. Everyone was in the same situation (woken up in the middle of the night to grab stuff and leave) so everyone was understanding and pleasant.

We tried to sleep...maybe 10 minutes here and there...but it's really not easy to sleep in the car. And Mason, that stubborn little girl, she never slept once! Glad I grabbed my iPad as we were leaving...and glad it was charged! She played with it almost the whole time (1am til 7:30) and was perfectly content. Although today she's totally delirious and downright naughty! I don't know who this child is. But by tomorrow everything should be totally back to normal. Hopefully no more surprises for us!

At around 7:30am, we got the "all clear", the roads were opened and we were able to get back to our resort. We ate breakfast and unpacked...again. Now we're hanging out by the pool. It's a beautiful day here in Kauai and it's very hard to imagine that the night we had was VERY serious. We are so happy that we are safe and now we can get back to doing what we came here for!

If we all just gave a little, we could really make a difference to help Japan and the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. If you're interested, from your cell phone please text REDCROSS to 90999. $10 will be billed to your phone bill. Spread the word.


Mason is in her nightgown from the night before. 

Thank you for all of your comments via Facebook about our well being.


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We are the Bowmans and we are in a tsunami threat right now.

We just arrived here, not 12 hours ago. It was a perfect Hawaiian vacation. Or so it seemed.

After landing, going to the grocery store, walking the grounds of our hotel, and enjoying some pictures at the beach, we decided to go to bed early. With the time change, it was 2 hours later to our bodies. It was 9pm and Justin was asleep on the couch and Mason in bed. I had finally fallen asleep and then was awoken to security knocking on our door. I thought they had the wrong room. Why were they knocking? I was so disoriented. He told me that we have a tsunami that is going to hit and that we need to get some stuff together. Pack our essentials. He said we had another 2 hours before it was supposed to hit and that he will be back with information. We were scatter brained. What were we to do? Pack EVERYTHING that we had just unpacked? My head was foggy...I didn't know where to start. Frantically, we packed and threw our stuff in the car. We didn't know if we were going to go back to the beautiful hotel that we had just arrived to. We were told to drive to the baseball field because it is the nearest and highest ground.

Now we are here and we're just waiting. I can hear sirens in the distance somewhere. It's 2:44am and the tsunami is supposed to be here around 3. We are here with lots and lots of people. All of us just waiting to find out what is going to happen. Many have computers or phones. Someone is taking pictures.

Someone is prepared though...they have provided this park with toilet paper, drinks, some food, soap, the essentials.

Now we wait.

Sage (Friday morning 1:00am...)

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