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One of the most unique stores that we visited in San Francisco was Big Daddy's Antiques. Housed in an old warehouse on 17th St., it's ceilings are so high that at their opening party, they had a trapeze artist performing from the lofty space!

Owner Shane Brown has containers of curiosities arriving every month or so. Not just content with finding furniture, he brings in all sorts of trivialities, like an alligator skull, 

stacks and stacks of bound volumes of the New York Times from the 20’s and 30’s, 

old mannequins, fish traps, 

loaf pans from a commercial bakery used as planters, antique demijohns and on and on...

Sales Associate, Michelle made our visit very enjoyable, offering us hot tea and coffee and a visit to the heated office when we just couldn’t handle the cold any longer. Yes, another unheated space. Those San Franciscans are a hardy bunch!


They had birds in cages all around the place.  These were hidden under a piece of burlap.



We can’t wait to go back again to see what wonders we can find!


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San Francisco always amazes me. Yes, we all know its hills, cable cars and impressive views but it also hides many of its jewels in out-of-the-way, but at the same time, staring you in the face, places. Robin introduced us to one of these hidden treasures located on the roof of the building where she now works in the SOMA area of the city.

This store is on a roof top. It is housed in several movable pods that are stratigically placed together, surrounded by a weathered wood deck and a beautiful container garden of grasses and succulents.

Bulthaup exterior

Bulthaup, a German company, has been producing custom made kitchens and bathrooms since 1949. Their mission statement says, “We design living spaces that are planned holistically, based on the architecture of the room and the individual needs of the customer”. That says it…everything is planned down to the tiniest detail. Their jaw dropping contemporary designs are streamlined, innovative and downright exciting (if you like contemporary design, which I do)!


child in kitchenrobin & ovensstovebathwisk

As  you can see this place is amazing.  I hope you get to visit it soon!


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With full stomachs after enjoying breakfast at The Butler and the Chef we continued on our journey of scouting out the great stores of San Francisco. With notes on stores written years ago, some given to us by friends, other stores seen only in print and online, we google-mapped each location and started our journey. 

A few highlights...

Robin's new place of business... HD Buttercup in SOMA.  

Robin had the day off to tour with us but we were happily greeted by our old friend and past Nantucketeer, Neisa.

HD Buttercup's flagship store is in L.A. and they just opened their San Francisco location with Robin helping lead the team.  (As you can see, no heater here either).

Zonal on Hayes offers a lot to take in.  Local art, found objects and reclaimed pieces make this store intriguing and elaborate.  

We love how they group their antique collections together.

Our list then lead us to Cisco Home and Marc Jacobs... who could resist this window filled with colorful rainboots?

We then headed down a little alleyway to see if Nan's memory served her correctly in finding one of our old vendors.  She found it and then slipped through the secret door.  

We also found one of the locations of the famous Blue Bottle Coffee Company.

I wanted to try a cup for myself but didn't want to wait in line... it was just way too cold outside.

We did take the time to admire the neighborhood's sidewalk planters

and the dogs waiting for their owners to get their coffee.

On the way to the next stop we took in a few neighborhoods... never getting out of the car though.  Again, it was too cold!

And we just couldn't take a trip to the city without visiting Sue Fisher King.  We were there just in time for their January Sale and found some great deals!

There you have it.  The Research and Development part of our day was completed.  We then headed to Union Square to take in some sale shopping (boots, really).  



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