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About four years ago, American Leather ran a contest among the retailers who sell their product.  They asked everyone who wanted to enter to do a video commercial on the Comfort Sleeper.  As the winner, you would personally receive a brand new comfort sleeper, as well as have your video used in their national advertising campaign.  I had this brilliant idea...

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I’m a big fan of Upgraded Living Magazine.  Returning to the Chico after being a Davis and Bay Area dweller for several years, it helps me reconnect and become familiar with all that the North State has to offer.  As a family owned business, Nantucket Home...

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Sleeper sofas.  We all have had encounters with these sleep thieves and stiff back makers – but even so, we know so many friends and family that have sleeper sofas in their homes.  They are just so handy!  But can a sleeper really be comfortable as both a sofa and a bed?  YES, and it is (rightfully) called the Comfort Sleeper by American Leather...

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