Bay Area transplant Nan Tofanelli founded her well-known look in Chico in 1975.  Tofanelli began to formally train her artistic eye at CSU Chico as an Art major and Photography minor.  She then worked her way up to a business owner, retailer and design principal in the 35 years which ensued.

She is a prominent figure in interior design in the North state and is well-known for the functional, nonchalant feeling she brings to each of her projects. With an eye for evolving style and an enthusiasm for introducing personal elements and heirloom pieces into a space, Tofanelli extends the same professional interest for projects new and old.

In her current role as co-president, design principal, buyer and merchandiser for Nantucket Home her casual, elegant design influence can be seen throughout the Nantucket Home showroom and in her client’s homes. She draws on her experience of 35 years and uses her creative instincts to come forth with evolved projects that meet the needs, budgets and styles of her clients.

"I am going to give up my concerns and my micro-managing of the redesign of my restaurant. This reopening is going to be a big deal and I love your style and trust you completely to make it look and feel wonderful (no pressure)!"

"Her keen sense of color, proportion, texture, form and her outstanding ‘taste’ make decorating your home fun and successful.”

“Nan listens to you. She encourages you to think about what you really want… look, function and style. She has great design sense but doesn’t feel the need to impose on you, rather makes you a partner. She worked with things I already had and wanted to keep into the design.”

“…assisted me in making my home a retreat that my family and I enjoy each and every day.”

“Excellent, innovative. Increased sales and sales price of our (model) homes.”

“… great vision and in her quiet manner she dramatically enhances your original intent.”