“I feel that a person's home should reflect what comes out of ones' personality. I strive to find my clients hidden style and transform it into something comfortable yet exciting. To each project I bring a creative eye toward contemporary living while maintaining a certain respect for the classic. I am thorough and approach each project with professionalism and creativity. I really love where I spend my days. It doesn't feel like work to me. My clients keep it interesting and leave me feeling rewarded.”


Sage Bowman, Senior Designer



Interior designer Sage Bowman grew up in the interior design business, working with her mother who designed for clients throughout Northern California. After earning her degree in art at CSU, Chico she moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the film industry. Set direction had been her aim until Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher discovered her many talents. Within a few years Sage returned to Chico, married her longtime love and began apprenticing under her mother, Nan Tofanelli; a well-respected designer and owner of Nantucket Home.

Bowman now brings over twelve years of experience in the field. She is best known for her passion for her work and the precision which accompanies that passion. Her approach to each project is one of professionalism and creativity. Bowman is recognized as an interior designer for her contemporary vision paired with the fortitude it takes to get a project done well. She believes that a balance of contemporary and classic elements paired with some warmth can make any setting inviting.

Bowman is known for her work on window treatments balancing the effects of color and light, material selection for upholstery and windows, whole-house make overs, single room projects as well as, commercial installations.

“…willing to work with respect to my budget… I‘ve had many compliments about my living room. I look forward to updating other rooms with her help.”

“Sage gave ideas on furniture placement. It was great to have a fresh eye."

"Thank you Sage... for your great service, quality products & your trust in me."

“We have used Nantucket Home services for years for our own projects as well as our clients. The colors in our home and our model homes were chosen by Sage at Nantucket Home. We value their creativity as well as her organized professional manner.”

“Know that your service in indulging me has made me realize how wonderful it is doing business with a store like yours. Be assured that I sing your praises every chance I get.”