Stephanie Schwinn

Interior Designer

Stephanie Schwinn graduated from California State University of Chico with her BFA in Interior Design and Architecture. After graduation, Stephanie dived into the design world and continued her education at Nantucket Home where she fell in love with residential design. Starting as an intern and working her way up to now, an experienced interior designer, she continues to explore and master the field. From collaborating with other designers, she has fallen in love with the endless amount of creativity that design offers and the ability to draw inspiration for a concept from anywhere. It has always fascinated her that the simplest items can spark an idea for an entire design. When designing, she enjoys finding the clients’ interests and incorporating those into the design itself. She feels that these details are what really make a home feel like home. Stephanie is also a novel DIY-er and enjoys diving into challenging home projects on the weekends in between walks with her dog around Chico’s iconic neighborhoods.