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Design Services

Nantucket Design & Home offers a variety of services to aid in your home needs

Floor plan development


Working with us during the planning and blueprint stages delivers the best possible product. Meeting over the blueprints before building or remodeling can save a lot of time and money in the long run. A detailed conversation over your plans, a visual interpretation on-site or perhaps a project manager in-like mind may be all you need to pocket what could’ve been a costly blunder.

Materials selections consulting


Material selection, layout, planning and lighting all comes together to deliver from the most minimal to the most decadent. We’ll help you sort through the many options out there in flooring, tile, countertops, plumbing, cabinetry and lighting so that your time involved is productive and efficient.

Kitchen and bath design


We know how exciting it is to finally remodel your kitchen or bath but with so many Pinterest boards and ideas it’s hard to know where to start.  This is where we come in.  We work with you to help define the flow of your space.  We edit blueprints, give you our suggestions for ease of use and livability, discuss the pros of each option and work with you and your contractor on detailing out the budget.  Our extensive knowledge of all materials will be a value in itself so that you’re not running back and forth from the project to the tile shop or researching …  Our designers make the process simple, well-organized and within budget.  We even have an extensive list of trusted contractors, subcontractors and handymen that we recommend for individual jobs.  Need a great metal-worker?  We can recommend three!

Architectural detailing


We love architecture, it’s truly the basis for our homes.  We love when a home is renovated accurately and in new construction, when unique elements are included that make its design stand out.  Home design begins with the details.  Whether you are turning a bungalow into a Craftsman or you’re building your own modern villa, let us help design and replicate your home’s original molding (by our local cabinetry-maker, of course!) or pick just the right wall treatment that’s reminiscent of plaster but maybe not with the same high price.  It’s all in the details…

Family-friendly home design


We know how you live because we have families with kids, dogs, cats and chickens too. We will help you through the process of choosing the right fabric for your sofa that will fit your lifestyle. Scratch proof flooring, stain resistant carpeting and smudge proof walls, we know the products that will keep your home looking new, longer. We want your purchases to last a lifetime, not just until next Christmas.

Lighting design


Oftentimes, houses are designed without considering how a person uses light in a kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Bring the plans in to us so that we can take a glance at them before you go ahead with the outlets and light placement. You’ll be happy you did when you’re not casting a shadow on your cutting board as you’re slicing apples.

Color Consulting


Color is the one design aspect that pulls everything in a space together. Color works in many ways; it alters texture, transforms fabrics, moves light and shadows and modifies architectural detailing, just to list a few. The integration of lighting in color can affect how the color appears to us. It can even mold the mood and behavior of the individual using the space. Getting it right is the difference between us and them. One hour of color consultation goes a long way.

Space planning


Space of all kinds; office, home, or a restaurant starts with understanding how the space will perform to its full potential. Creating sound, organic, individual spaces while providing orchestrated traffic patterns, work flow production, restaurant seating or merely an unaltered path to the bathroom is where our resourcefulness thrives.  After taking measurements and evaluating your needs, several floor plan options are provided. You choose which plan best suits your lifestyle. Scale plans are then provided to you and the necessary contractors.

Custom Window Coverings


The richness of a room comes to life with the layering and movement of fabric, the filtering of the light, and the embodiment of the casement. Window treatments done well can instantly add softness and height to a room. They can extend the richness in your home by adding your distinctive signature to a space without paying too much. Color, texture and the perfect lighting are the key ingredients. Working with these and knowing how to do it well is second nature to us.

Furniture, carpeting, art, accessories, bedding, casegoods, etc


The difference between us and them is that we are a furniture showroom. By purchasing your furniture from Nantucket Design & Home the design advice is often included in the price of the product. At Nantucket Design & Home you have the advantage of choosing custom furniture sizes, colors, finishes, and fabrics all with the personal help of an experienced interior designer. We offer upholstered furniture and casegoods, carpeting and area rugs, art and accessories, custom bedding and fabrics, wall coverings, as well as, custom furniture design.

Real estate consultations


Buying a new home is a big purchase and we can help you through it. Many older and dated homes can be transformed into gorgeous living spaces with the right advisor. On the 2nd visit to a home you’re considering purchasing, bring us in. We will help you see the potential you never thought was possible.



Nantucket Design & Home is a full-service interior design firm that designs homes from concept to completion all over the world. For over 40 years we have gathered an extremely satisfied design clientele and a reputation for beautiful and classic spaces.  Based out of Chico, California, our team works from our showroom to design projects all over the US and Europe. We work in partnership with our clients and contractors to develop and advise on floor plans, architectural blueprints, kitchen, bath and built-in cabinetry, finishes and material selections. We design spaces that you love.  We discover our client’s style preferences at the start of a project, saving time and ensuring a successful outcome. 



Want to start from scratch? From selecting tiles in your bathroom to choosing the perfect flooring in your kitchen, save time and money by doing it right the first time. Our professional, organized and hands-on experience will allow you to rest easy.



Having trouble finding the perfect sofa? Custom upholstery provides endless options that can be made locally, right here in Chico. This alternative also allows us to source eco-friendly, non-toxic products that aren’t available at retail outlets.

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